Join the Hunters Lodge or add your best mount photo to our Hunters Showcase for a chance to win the Steelcap "Photo of the Year Contest"!
Steelcap was created to capture and preserve the majestic nature of trophy mounts.
A small team of dedicated artisans hand crafts each Steelcap Antler Mount.

Along with using traditional craftsmanship and solid wood for the plaque, the face plate had to be made of metal. Not just because metal lasts forever and looks great with antlers... 

Metal is reminiscent of so many interesting things; like architectural elements, guns and ammunition, knives, swords, the axe, crossbows, broadheads, metal spearheads, weapons of all kinds, crowns, armor, shields, belt buckles, jewelry, motorcycles,
P-51 Mustangs and Heavy Metal Rock & Roll…

Steelcap encourages you to get out and make it happen!
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