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Here you will find a number of tips and answers to some commonly asked questions that will help you acheive the best results in mounting and displaying your Steelcap Antler Mount.
Mounting Tips:
Tip # 1 Important! Take the time to get the back of the skull plate right. If it sits perfect on a table, it will sit perfect on the plaque. A bench sander is a great tool for the job.
Tip # 2 After driving the first screw straight into the plaque, check the antler alignment and make adjustments if needed. Also, check to see if the screw comes through the back of the plaque. Add washers from the kit to the second screw if needed. You can remove and add washers to the first screw after the second screw is secure.
Tip # 3 Minor adjustments to the antler alignment can be made after the antlers have been secured to the plaque, by holding the plaque firmly and slightly rotating the antlers.
Tip # 4
Large Antler Bases or Burrs: Reference instructions, Step 5 and Figure D
If the burrs need to be placed above the edge of the cap, leave some space (approximately 1/16”) where the burrs meet the cap. The space will ensure that the burrs do not obstruct the cap placement and can allow for minor final adjustments to the alignment after the antlers have been secured to the plaque. Some antlers and bases are uneven, and with large bases or burrs this is a factor, so take your time when positioning your antlers and marking the plaque. Also, be sure to check that the cap fits properly and the antler alignment is correct before driving in the second screw. If it becomes necessary, you can always start the screw in a new spot on the plaque.
Tip # 5 Shimming is easy, and when needed, can improve the final results of your mount (see instructions). Notice the 3/8” plywood shim being shown as an example in Figure C. The shim will not be visible.
Tip # 6 Display your mount above eye level.
Tip # 7 After the mount is displayed, if any of the skull plate is visible, it can be minimized with permanent marker or black paint. (Not common when mounted per instructions).
Tip # 8 Lighting creates different effects.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What type of metal is the cap made of?
A. 5205 Brushed Aluminum, Anodized and Hardened
Q. What type of wood is the plaque made of?
A. Select Northern Pine, Furniture Grade
Q. How do I clean my Steelcap Antler Mount?
A. Dusting - Use a feather duster or wipe with a dry cloth
  Thorough Cleaning - Take the mount down and remove the cap. Clean the cap and plaque with a dry absorbent cloth and water or a mild low ph. cleaner, such as window cleaner.
Q. Can I use a Steelcap Mount for other types of antlers or horns?
A. Absolutely. Most antlers will fit if typical.
If you would like additional information about Steelcap Antler Mounts, or for questions that cannot be answered here, please visit our Contact Us page.
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